Naked News

What Is Naked News?


Naked News is the first news program to be offered online where all of the news anchors strip down completely nude! Naked News covers all of the headlines in the world of tech, entertainment, sports, finance, and automobiles. Naked News also offers special segments such as Naked In The Streets, Naked Girls Competing, Naked Exercise and many, many more!


What Will The Naked News Team Deliver?


The Naked News team bring you the world’s news in a way that none other can compare. Obviously, as it can be inferred from the name of the broadcast, all of the anchors will bring you the news while stripping down to their birthday suit. This in and of itself is enough to make anyone want to subscribe. But, the beautiful Naked News Anchors provide outstanding reporting and delivery.

The news will always be delivered in a manner that is completely unbiased and thorough. There is none of the rhetoric that is found on the major news outlets. You will not find agendas either. What you will find is the latest that is going on anywhere in the world, brought to you in it’s entirety. There will be no intentional gaps or “angles” with the coverage at Naked News.

When you register as a Gold Member in the Naked News member’s area you will also be given access to all of the past videos. There are many classics that have a heavy following that you can also enjoy yourself. You will also find exclusive photos that you can download and enjoy anywhere. The Naked News team also offer you free desktop wallpapers and screen savers to enjoy. All of these images are presented in the highest definition and quality.

You looking for special features? How about the videos of the Naked News Anchors competing in Naked Axe throwing? That is one of the many favorites that Naked News fans thoroughly enjoy. Another favorite is the Naked Dodgeball challenge. Seriously, the title alone should paint an awesome picture. But just to help you along, imagine some of the most beautiful women in the world challenging each other to a dodge ball tournament NAKED! This video is absolutely amazing and is one of the most viewed videos in the archives.

Still want more? The Naked In The Streets segment is another favorite. The Naked News Anchors take to the streets to interview passersby about the latest goings on in the world. The questions range in topics from holidays to tech to the latest world news headlines. Again, just to reiterate, these are extremely beautiful women interviewing random folks on the street while they are completely nude. It is easy to see ho this is another of the many favorites in the archives.

Do you need some motivation to get into the gym? Maybe you would like to learn some new exercises to spice up your current routine. Well, Naked News also offers the Flex Appeal segment where the Naked News team bring show you how to perform exercises of varying difficulty all while completely naked! This segment is enjoyed by everyone that watches it! The Naked News team turns up the heat and also has Flex Appeal on location. This is when the anchors will show different workouts on location in some of the world’s most exotic locations.


Naked News Delivers The Goods!


This is just a small sampling of what Naked News offers it’s members. They have many other very popular segments and special features added all the time. One more thing to separate Naked News from the competition is that they ask for, and listen to viewer feedback. There have been many changes made to the program as well as additional features implemented simply by listening to their audience!

Naked News has been the leading provider of news since it’s inception and will continue to far outperform any others that try to mimick their programming.

See you in the member’s area!